We are a group of vibrant young people. As E-Teens we strive to live according to the word. To know the word inside and out, so that we can go into the world and be of good influence to those around us. 

We understand that we are the light of the world because we carry the Spirit and that is why we do not accept things like peer pressure. We use the word of God as a shield against any challenge thrown at us in this stage of life. 


Our group is made up of everyone from the ages of 12 to 19. 


We meet on Sundays from 10 till 10.30 for short teachings. Once a month on Saturdays we meet at the Mega church to engage in activities like Bible study, watching Christian movies, and bible quiz.

Annual Camp!

Keep an eye on this page!. We are planning to have our annual camp later on in the year.